What is Baking?

Almost everyone has seen baked goods displayed in their local grocery store. Have you ever wondered how all those different baked goods were made? It seems like magic, but did you know most of those baked goods could be made way better at home? If you have had the desire to create something new, not wanting to stick to the same recipes all the time, EasierBaking is definitely for you.

EasierBaking takes a look at your favorite baked goods and lets your discover all the possibilities of creating variations. Currently, there are three resources that will help you discover baking. Random Recipe will show you examples of baking recipe variations while allowing you to define your sweetness and richness. Recipe Report Card allows you to check your recipe for correctness and receive feedback. Finally, the book Big Data, Yummy Cookies: Discover Every Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe will give you a glimpse into the power of recipe variations. So no matter if you come here empty-handed or with your favorite baking recipes, there is something for you.

Being creative when baking is the focus of EasierBaking. In fact, many of the tools and literature of this site are here to show you what can and can not be done when changing recipes.

Many bakers have been led to believe there are only a handful of recipes and everything else is a land of danger. Then there are other knowledgeable and fearless bakers who are not satisfied with the ordinary, i.e. EasierBaking readers. To join us all you need is a fork, a large glass/metal bowl, a whisk, an oven, and a baking sheet. That’s it. Nothing fancy!




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We HAVE Actually Seen These Hurricanes Before

The other day, while looking at the up-to-date information on Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia, I noticed an eerie similarity. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” looked like the satellite images of the three hurricanes. I combined the two images and was informed by reddit user My_baby_is_a_potatoe that if you rotate “Starry Night” 180 degrees even …

Baking My Way to Norway!

Below you will walk through an adventure through five countries in four days , avoiding bomb scares, dodging hurricanes, and eating pastries  🙂 This June I received an email informing me that my research paper had been accepted for the 25th Annual International Case-Based Reasoning Conference in Norway!


Easier Baking is a blog dedicated to machines and culture. I like to showcase baking-related computer applications (Recipe Report Card and Random Recipe). Ultimately I aim to enhance engineering through art and reveal the nature of art through engineering.



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